• when managing multiple machines, it is sometimes a pain to reset all default parameters. Still you want the same behaviour everywhere...

  • this repository https://github.com/mathiasbynens/dotfiles/blob/master/.osx display a large number of useful comands for your mac :

    # Always show scrollbars
    defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleShowScrollBars -string "Always"
    # Enable full keyboard access for all controls (e.g. enable Tab in modal dialogs)
    defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleKeyboardUIMode -int 3
    # Enable subpixel font rendering on non-Apple LCDs
    defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleFontSmoothing -int 2
    # Enable the 2D Dock
    defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -bool true
    # Automatically hide and show the Dock
    defaults write com.apple.dock autohide -bool true
    # Make Dock icons of hidden applications translucent
    defaults write com.apple.dock showhidden -bool true
    # Enable iTunes track notifications in the Dock
    defaults write com.apple.dock itunes-notifications -bool true
    # Show all filename extensions in Finder
    defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleShowAllExtensions -bool true
    # Show status bar in Finder
    defaults write com.apple.finder ShowStatusBar -bool true
    # Expand save panel by default
    defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode -bool true
    # Expand print panel by default
    defaults write NSGlobalDomain PMPrintingExpandedStateForPrint -bool true
    # Disable the “Are you sure you want to open this application?” dialog
    defaults write com.apple.LaunchServices LSQuarantine -bool false
    # Disable shadow in screenshots
    defaults write com.apple.screencapture disable-shadow -bool true
    # Display full POSIX path as Finder window title
    defaults write com.apple.finder _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool true
    # Increase window resize speed for Cocoa applications
    defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSWindowResizeTime -float 0.001
    # Avoid creating .DS_Store files on network volumes
    defaults write com.apple.desktopservices DSDontWriteNetworkStores -bool true
    # Disable send and reply animations in Mail.app
    defaults write com.apple.Mail DisableReplyAnimations -bool true
    defaults write com.apple.Mail DisableSendAnimations -bool true
    # Copy email addresses as `foo@example.com` instead of `Foo Bar <foo@example.com>` in Mail.app
    defaults write com.apple.mail AddressesIncludeNameOnPasteboard -bool false
    # Disable Resume system-wide
    defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool false
  • there is much more on

    git clone https://github.com/mathiasbynens/dotfiles.git && cd dotfiles && ./bootstrap.sh
  • {2} TODO: make default changes for a french keyboard