2012-01-07 installing MoinMoin on a OVH server

2012-01-07 13:15:51
  • due to a disruption on my previous server, I had to move in a rush to a new server.
  • choosing the right provider
  • getting a basic MoinMoin instance running
  • getting the path of the pages on the server using the explore.py script in http://wiki.python.org/jython/HelpOnInstalling/ApacheOnLinuxFtp
  • setting up an empty MoinMoin instance, using:
    • the following cgi-bin/index.cgi script:
       1 #!/usr/bin/python
       3 import sys, os
       5 sys.path.insert(0, '/homez.52/invibe/moin')
       7 os.environ['FCGI_FORCE_CGI'] = 'N' # 'Y' for (slow) CGI, 'N' for FCGI
       9 from MoinMoin.web.flup_frontend import CGIFrontEnd
      10 CGIFrontEnd().run()
    • setting up the right path in xikiconfig.py :
      1     data_dir = '/homez.52/invibe/moin/data/'
      2     data_underlay_dir = '/homez.52/invibe/moin/underlay_min/'
      3     url_prefix_static = '/moin_static193'
      4     url_mappings = {'/cgi-bin/index.cgi':'/LaurentPerrinet'}
    • note that I installed the htdocs as www/moin_static193
  • once functional, getting my old stuff on the new server
  • rewrite rule
  • overall, this process was not linear and quite frustrating as there is no ssh (only a ftp) access and absolutely no simple guide and worse, no logfile from apache (you see quite often an "error 500" without any cue as what is going wrong)


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