Posts about trajectory

Feature vs global motion

As we see a visual scene, there is contribution of the motion of each of the objects that constitute the visual scene into detecting its global motion. In particular, it is debatable to know which weight individual features, such as small objects in the foreground, have into this computation compared to a dense texture-like stimulus, as that of the background for instance.

Here, we design a a stimulus where we control independently these two aspects of motions to titrate their relative contribution to the detection of motion.

Can you spot the motion ? Is it more going to the upper left or to the upper right?

(For a more controlled test, imagine you fixate on the center of the movie.)

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Embedding a trajectory in noise

MotionClouds may be considered as a control stimulus - it seems more interesting to consider more complex trajectories. Following a previous post, we design a trajectory embedded in noise.

Can you spot the motion ? from left to right or reversed ?

(For a more controlled test, imagine you fixate on the top left corner of each movie.)

(Upper row is coherent, lower row uncoherent / Left is -> Right column is <-)

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