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2014-02-15 Converting moinmoin pages to nikola

nikolFrom a previous post, we have this function to import a page from moinmoin, convert it and publish:

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2014-02-11 Converting MoinMoin pages to Nikola

I have another wiki to take notes. These are written using the MoinMoin syntax, which is nice, but I found no converter from MoinMoin to anything compatible with Nikola.

Following this post , I thought I might give it a try using ipython within nikola:

In [1]:
URL = ''

NOTE: this should not be tried with these URLS as they do not exist anymore...

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2014-01-14 Trying out ipython blogging

How to easily publish an ipython notebook?

installing the appropriate plugins

Here, we will need to install additions to the nikola publishing tool: a rendering machine + a theme. Using homebrew in mcosx, this looks like:

brew install npm
npm install -g less


nikola install_theme zen-ipython

Once this was done, one could tune and then issue:

nikola new_post -f ipynb

Finally, one needs to build (nikola build) and publish (nikola deploy)


In [1]:
[<matplotlib.lines.Line2D at 0x10ab2d1d0>]


2014-01-04 Bootstrapping Nikola

Nikola Tesla Corner by nicwest, on Flickr

I have managed to install Nikola, and build a site using it using this code: (Source)

git clone git://
cd nikola
pip install -r requirements-full.txt
pip install .
nikola init --demo invibe
nikola build
nikola serve

Pretty simple, congratulations to the developpers!

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