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Designing a A0 poster using matplotlib

Poster GDR Vision

This poster was presented in Lille at a vision workshop, check out

Apart the content (which is in French) which recaps some previous work inbetween art and science, this post demonstrates how to generate a A0 poster programmatically. In particular, we will use matplotlib and some quickly forged functions to ease up the formatting.

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Improving calls to the LogGabor library

To code image as edges, for instance in the SparseEdges sparse coding scheme, we use a model of edges in images. A good model for these edges are bidimensional Log Gabor filter. This is implemented for instance in the LogGabor library. The library was designed to be precise, but not particularly for efficiency. In order to improve its speed, we demonstrate here the use of a cache to avoid redundant computations.

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A hitchhiker guide to Matching Pursuit

The Matching Pursuit algorithm is popular in signal processing and applies well to digital images.

I have contributed a python implementation and we will show here how we may use that for extracting a sparse set of edges from an image.

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