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2014-10-16 How can I display an image in the terminal?

Trying to answer the question in :

Is there any sort of utility I can use to convert an image to ASCII and then print it in my terminal? I looked for one but couldn't seem to find any.

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2014-10-15 Trying to include javascript in a notebook


2014-10-15 Setting options in holoviews

using holoviews : setting display options

Holoviews is a nice framework to extend pyplot capacities.

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2014-01-04 Bootstrapping Nikola

Nikola Tesla Corner by nicwest, on Flickr

I have managed to install Nikola, and build a site using it using this code: (Source)

git clone git://
cd nikola
pip install -r requirements-full.txt
pip install .
nikola init --demo invibe
nikola build
nikola serve

Pretty simple, congratulations to the developpers!

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